From Take Off to Quote to Order

*Every project is different and unique, the answers provided to the questions below are basic answers to help guide you to what you need. We suggest reaching out to your local sales rep or to one of our offices to get further information.

  • Do you do a takeoff from plans?
    Yes – services vary considering what is provided.
  • Where can we buy the stone?
    Depending on your location your sales rep can guide you to where you can purchase our stone.
  • How do you want me to pay for the stone?
    We accept Check, ACH/Wire or Credit Card (3.5% processing fee for Credit Card Payments)
  • Is the product available? Lead time to order completion?
    EVS has a certain amount of stone in stock which varies throughout the year. Lead times depend on what product and how much of it you are requesting. We encourage you to reach out to a sales representative to get product availability and lead time.
  • Can I customize one of your veneer blends?
    Yes, we would be more than happy to.
  • Can I come tag my material?
    Again, this depends on what product you are looking for and how much of it you need. If agreed upon, by your sales rep, you are able to come and tag your material but there will be an appropriate cost for this service.