The stone specification process can be difficult with all the products and options available to you. We have simplified this by creating stone specification documents that you can download right into your own formats. As an additional service, we will work with you to customize the document so that it matches exactly what you have chosen to use for the project. This will ensure that your client is getting exactly what you have envisioned for their project, and save you time and money by having things clearly defined early in the design stage.

To help in your selection process, Valders Stone & Marble has had our materials through extensive testing. Standard ASTM results are readily available upon request. This is inclusive of our Limestone Classification Chart (Type Rating), Freeze/thaw durability, Static Coefficient of Friction testing, Solar Reflectivity Index rating, and much more.

In addition to this information, we have several easy to read charts that illustrate how our Type III, High-Density limestone compares to other dimensional stones in the marketplace

General Specifications

Our stone specifications are provided below.




Bottom Caption Data sheets are provided to give customers a more in-depth list of characteristics that goes into each product. These characteristics include: physical properties, density, compressive strength, modulus of rupture and abrasion resistance.

Freeze-Thaw Durability
Test Data

Valders Test Data Chart

Pedestal Mount Paver
Test Data

Coefficient of Friction and Solar Reflectivity Index Test Data

Eden-Valders Stone Test Data

Classification Index By Type/Performance

Valders Stone Test Results

ASTM Testing Results 

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