Type of Stone, Benefits & Location
  • Where is your quarry located?

Eden-Valders Stone has 11 quarries located throughout the state of Wisconsin. We have 2 quarries in Valders, 4 in the Eden/Oakfield area, 3 in Chilton and 2 in the Stevens Point area.

  • What are the benefits of using natural stone in construction or home design?

Some benefits of using natural stone include its unique beauty and aesthetics, durability, natural variation in patterns and colors, longevity, heat resistance, and the potential to increase the value of a property. Natural stone also offers a sense of timelessness and can complement various architectural styles. Natural stone is one of the best building products to use from an environmental perspective. It has a low carbon footprint being a natural product, it’s sustainable, it can be recycled, and has a long life cycle.

  • What type of stone do you have?

Most of our quarries are Type III, High Density Dolomite Limestone with one location containing a quartzite sandstone and can be placed at or below ground level without fear of deterioration due to freeze-thaw, salt or fertilizer contact. No sealer or damp proofing is required to enhance the performance of the stone. We also offer other stone types, please inquire for more information.