From Contractor to Clean Up
  • How do I care for and maintain natural stone?

Proper care and maintenance of natural stone include regular cleaning with non-abrasive, pH-neutral cleaners, avoiding acidic or harsh chemicals that can damage the stone. Promptly cleaning up spills, using coasters, or trivets under hot objects, and sealing the stone (depending on the application) can protect it from stains. You can also find our Guide for Care & Maintenance on our website located here: Guide for Care and Maintenance

  • What do you recommend we use to clean our stone?

Eden-Valders Stone recommends Prosoco products to clean your natural stone. Check out their website at or any cleaning product deemed usable for natural stone would typically work. If you are using a new product, try a small inconspicuous area first to make sure it doesn’t have a negative effect on your stone.

  • Do you install products, or know of an installer familiar with your product?

We do not install our stone. If you need an installation contractor, please call your sales rep to get more information and guidance on your next steps.